Jigoku Shoujo Mitsuganae Episode 16 English Subbed

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"The Trap of Temptation"
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Episode Summary: In a daze, Yuzuki wanders through town, soon sensing a man on a bridge about to pull the string on one of Ai's straw dolls, Wanyūdō. As Yuzuki rushes to stop him, Ai suddenly appears and stops her, telling her that her attempts are futile. Ai shows her his future. Instead of meeting women along with his coworkers after working hours are over, Naowa has always instead played with a young girl names Kaya next door to the factory at which he works because he honestly enjoys it in spite of what his coworkers say. In Ai's future, he pulls the string to send his friend and fellow worker, Nakajima, to hell because of his suspicious and disturbing behavior towards Kaya. When he suddenly disappears, his girlfriend, Yuki, joins their company to investigate. Knowing that Naowa was good friends with him, she begins to form a relationship with him while keeping silent about her relationship with Nakajima. One night, when Yuki appears at Naowa's flat and offers to make dinner, he claims he has no right to be with her because, as he hesitantly admits to her, he sent Nakajima to hell. The next day, Yuki invites him to her house and there, she sends him to hell after he discovers that the two were a close couple. Despite seeing this future, Yuzuki still tries to save Naowa after Ai lets her through.

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