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"Special Radio"
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Episode Summary: While studying late at night Yuzuki listens to the radio, which features a show named "Midnight Silence". A regular mail-sender calling herself "Chi-chan" sent a mail for an idea to create a corner called Hell correspondence where people can let others know of what annoys or angers you. This girl, whose real name is Chiriko Hamano, has fallen in love with the DJ host Joutarou and his sweet-talking romantic ways over the radio. The next day after Hamano had submitted this idea for a corner she is approached by another girl asking her if she is indeed Chi-chan. She soon becomes the talk of the school and life seems to have taken a good turn for her. On her way home she is approached by a girl named Kaname who claims to be "Frog-princess", another well-known mail sender in "Midnight Silence" and who has had her mail read much more than Chi-chan has. The two quickly become friends, bonded by their love of the radio show and the DJ host, calling each other by their mail names Chi-chan and Frog-princess as well as admiring each others letters when they are read on air. Wanting to thank Joutarou for all his touching words, the two of them go down to the radio station to wait for him. The first person to arrive is a woman Yume who works as a radio scenario writer, which Frog-princess jumps in to say that she wants to be one also which surprises Chi-chan. Furthermore, she announces that she views Yume as her idol. Yume lets her have a script of the radio broadcast that was aired the day before, shocking Chi and crushing her fantasy of Joutarou the DJ. She gains a hatred towards Frog-princess for crushing this fantasy and contracts with Ai to send Kaname to hell. After this it is shown that Chi returns to how it was before, without competition her mail is read almost always on air and she refuses to accept that Joutarou is scripted, returning to a fantasy.

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