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"Right in Front Behind You"
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Episode Summary: Yuzuki arrives at the conclusion that she could escape her fate of becoming the next Hell Girl as she believes Tsugumi had. She comes across a young boy named Kaito who then collapses. When Kaito first met his stepmother Nanami, she presented a hat to him that he treasures before announcing her intent to marry his father. However, ever since she became pregnant with a girl who she names Mao, Nanami begins to fawn over her daughter and unreasonably punish Kaito for the smallest of infractions. She eventually throws out Kaito's beloved hat, embarrassed by the laughter of neighbors due to its worn appearance and three years of use. In tears, Kaito retrieves his hat from the garbage, accesses the Hell Correspondence website, and types his unborn stepsister's name in, receiving Yamawaro as a doll. He explains to Yuzuki that he only desires to return to those earlier days of happiness when Nanami was a much kinder person. Promising to help, Yuzuki confronts his father. However, he refuses to acknowledge the domestic violence against his son in front of her as he is already well aware of it but unable to act. He confesses to Kaito over a game of Frisbee feeling that their family would not be happy should things remained the same and almost kills his son; he however stops when Kaito pulls the string of Yamawaro and sends Mao to Hell. Although Nanami expresses disappointment at losing Mao, she returns to her old, kind self.

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