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"Rotten Fruit"
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Episode Summary: Yuzuki and Akie meet an idol named Jun Moriyama during the filming of a show. After rescuing Jun from a stalker who was harassing her, Yuzuki and Akie are rewarded by Jun and her talent agency with an invitation to dinner. Before entering the restaurant, the two of them meet a woman named Masako Momota who asks them to pass an envelope to Jun containing photos of Jun Moriyama in outrageous costumes of the time when she was a cruel person. Previously, the two attended the same talent agency as aspiring singers. Jun bullied Masako until she could take no more and left, sacrificing her dream of becoming singer. When the two meet, Masako makes Jun kneel and apologize, and demands that Jun, a rising star, support her own debut in Jun's agency. Jun refuses, stating her abilities as a singer are insufficient. Enraged, Masako seeks by accessing the Hell Correspondence website, receiving Hone Onna as doll. The next day, at her concert, Jun attempts to make a public apology, which however falls short of her expectations, causing Masako to pull the string and sends Jun to Hell.

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