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Episode Summary: A new boy named Inuo Atsushi has transferred to Yuzuki's school and makes friends with another boy, Washizu. Although Inuo claims that he moved from Tokyo because his dad is constantly traveling and his mom is ill and needs to be away from the city, in truth, his dad left his mother and, ashamed of talk of their neighbors, the two left Tokyo. Due to the stress of lying and being scolded for his late returns to home in order to keep the pretense of the lie, Inuo frequently visits the Hell Correspondence website, never typing in a name. However, after he reveals the secret to Washizu and is subsequently beaten by his mother for doing so, realizing her suffering, he types in Washizu's name, receiving Hone Onna as a doll. Out of good faith, Washizu spreads news about Inuo's real situation and tries motivate him to seek help. However, for continually meddling with his family business Inuo takes out the straw doll and pulls the string, sending Washizu to Hell.The next day,he start to speak about his father.

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