JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure (2012) Episode 10 English Subbed

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"New York's JoJo"

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Episode Summary: In 1938, 49 years after Jonathan Joestar's death, Speedwagon and Straizo travel to Mexico, where they discover tomb filled with Stone Masks and a petrified body believed to be the being who created them. However, Straits takes one of the masks and wears it, killing all of Speedwagon's archaeological team because he tires of aging, using Speedwagon's blood to activate his Stone Mask. Meanwhile, in New York, Jonathan's grandson, Joseph Joestar (also nicknamed "JoJo"), saves a young pickpocket named Smokey Brown from some corrupt policemen using the Hamon. Smokey is then taken in by Joseph's grandmother, the widow Erina Joestar. Back in Mexico, Speedwagon is betrayed by Straizo, who uses one of the masks to become a vampire. After dealing with a mafia henchman at a restaurant, Joseph, Erina, and Smokey meet a mafia acquaintance of Speedwagon's who informs them that Speedwagon has been murdered by Straizo, with Erina realizing that the Stone Mask must somehow be involved. Later, Joseph is confronted by Straits, who has come to kill the boy. However, Joseph makes the first move with a surprise and over-the-top tommy gun attack. He claims he is not taking revenge for Speedwagon's death, but is instead retaliating because Straizo made his grandmother cry.

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