JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure (2012) Episode 18 English Subbed

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"Von Stroheim's Revenge"/"Team Stroheim's Counterattack"
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Episode Summary: As Joseph awaits to warn Lisa Lisa about the Pillar Men, Esidisi's brain takes over the body of Suzi Q and sends the Super Aja off on a boat bound for Venice before confronting Lisa Lisa. Before Joseph and Caesar can pursue the boat, Esidisi stands in their way, knowing full well they cannot kill him without killing Suzi Q as well. As Esidisi prepares to use his boiling blood to kill everyone in the room, Joseph and Caesar combine their Hamon in opposing forces, forcing Esidisi's brain out of Suzi Q without killing her and into the sunlight, where he burns into nothingness. After healing Suzi Q, Lisa Lisa learns from her that the Red Stone has been sent to St. Moritz in Switzerland, where Kars and Wamuu are waiting. Joseph promises Suzi Q that he will see her again before he, Caesar, Lisa Lisa, and Messina head off to catch up to the mail train bound for Switzerland. Upon catching up to the train at customs, the Germans arrive and claim the Red Stone of Aja for themselves, inviting Joseph and the others to join them at their lodge. As Kars appears to attack the lodge, Joseph learns that the leader of the German group is none other than Stroheim, who has since become a cyborg.

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