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"A Race Towards the Brink"
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Episode Summary: Stroheim starts using his new mechanical body, which was designed to surpass Santana, to fight against Kars. However, it proves futile against Kars' Light Mode, a series of jagged blades on his arm-blades that move so fast in a chainsaw motion that they radiate light, which literally cuts him down to size. As Kars attempts to retrieve the Red Stone of Aja, Stroheim fires a beam of ultraviolet light at him, sending the Red Stone sliding towards a cliff edge, forcing JoJo and Kars to chase after it. Joseph pulls off a trick to grab the stone, but Kars pulls him off the cliff with him, claiming he will take his revenge for Esidisi's death. Joseph manages to save himself by using the Red Stone as a shield and prevents his fall by chaining a series of icicles together, only saved because Caesar has begun to think like Joseph and prepared the other end of the chain for him. Kars lands safely, laughing menacingly before heading to his daytime hideout. The next day, Caesar and the others discuss ambushing an abandoned hotel that they believe is Kars' hideout before Wamuu arrives from where he is waiting for Joseph elsewhere in Europe. However, Joseph, tense over the ring around his heart dissolving in five day's time and now Kars' vow of revenge, objects to the plan, believing it unwise to fight on their home turf. Caesar gets upset, claiming it is their blood vow to kill the creators of the Stone Masks, but Joseph tells him they should not dwell on the past, leading to a fist fight. Lisa Lisa and Messina calm them down, and Lisa Lisa decides that Joseph is right, but Caesar will not hear of it and heads to the hotel by himself. Lisa Lisa orders Messina to follow Caesar, taking him back by force if he gets too close, before telling Joseph a little more about Caesar's past.

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