JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure (2012) Episode 3 English Subbed

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"Youth with Dio"

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Episode Summary: Having found an antidote and given it to George, Jonathan prepares to turn Dio in to the police. Dio tries to get Jonathan's guard down by saying he will turn himself in, but the man from Ogre Street, introducing himself as Robert E. O. Speedwagon, has followed Jonathan from London and sees through Dio's lies. Speedwagon presents the druggist Wang Chen who sold Dio the poison, whilst George reveals that he has heard everything. As JoJo attempts to handcuff Dio, Dio attempts to stab him, only to stab George who gets in the way to protect JoJo. With George's blood, Dio activates the Stone Mask on himself before the police shoot him. Before passing away, George gives Jonathan his late mother's ring, admitting that he knew of Dario's true nature before taking Dio in. Just then, Dio comes back to life as a vampire, proving invulnerable to firearms and draining the blood of one of the cops. As Jonathan prepares to fight Dio, believing he can defeat him by destroying his brain, the cop comes back as a zombie, though Jonathan manages to kill it. As several attempts to kill Dio fail, Jonathan sets the mansion ablaze and leads Dio to the roof so Speedwagon can escape. Jonathan attempts to kill Dio, dragging him into the flames of the mansion with him and with a powerful scream, manages to use the mansions layout to both land safely and impale Dio on a statue, assuming that he has been killed. However, as Wang Chen attempts to grab the mask from the burnt ruins, a charred hand kills him and drains his blood.

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