JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure (2012) Episode 5 English Subbed

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"The Dark Knights"

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Episode Summary: Upon arriving in Windknights Lot, Jonathan's group is pickpocketed by a talented young boy named Poco who Jonathan and Zeppeli manage to catch using their ripple powers. However, as the sun falls, they find themselves confronted by Dio, who had hypnotised Poco to lure Jonathan's group to the graveyard where they are attacked by his legion of zombies. Zeppeli attempts to use his ripple attacks on Dio, but he counters by freezing his veins. After also managing to freeze Jonathan's hand, Dio summons two powerful zombie knights, Tarukus and Blueford, to finish the job for him. As Jonathan struggles against them, Speedwagon uses his body heat to thaw Zeppeli's arm. As the battle between JoJo and Blueford intensifies, it moves into the depths of a nearby lake. JoJo decides rather than trying to face Blueford during an ascent to the surface of the lake, he dives deeper. Blueford follows, but JoJo has managed to find a pocket of oxygen rich air under a rock, and uses this breath of air to launch a Turquoise Blue Overdrive attack at Blueford.

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