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Episode Summary: While on a HCLI-owned cargo ship en route to Africa from Dubai, Jonah watches R and Lutz test fire a XM8 rifle when Koko is informed that her older brother Kasper will be arriving to see her from another HCLI-owned cargo ship. When Wiley is instructed to "hide" Jonah by teaching him English, the latter heads to the toilet to relieve himself. However, Kasper heads to the toilet as well where Jonah attempts to kill him, but his bodyguard Chiquita stops Jonah and disarms him. A flashback reveals how Jonah met Kasper three months ago in Western Asia. Jonah was a child soldier in an infantry base where he took care of four orphans. But when he learns how Marka, one of his orphan friends, died being used as a human probe to clear a path filled with land mines, Jonah goes on a rampage and kills everyone in the base, including an arms dealer. Soon Kasper's team arrives and disarms Jonah. As Jonah is locked up in an empty cargo container for days, Kasper visits the weakened boy after learning his identity and tells him he was the one who sold weapons that killed his parents. Desperate to save his friends, Jonah makes a deal with Kasper where he will send the orphans to Japan to live peaceful lives in exchange that Jonah becomes his sister's bodyguard in Europe. Back in the present, Koko makes Kasper leave her ship after hearing about what happened. Koko apologizes to Jonah for Kaspar's actions and tries to comfort him by giving him a hug. Meanwhile, Valmet is reminded of her past as the cargo ship approaches Africa and Lehm tells her not to worry.

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