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"African Golden Butterflies phase.2"

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Episode Summary: While Koko and Chen are having dinner in Port Elizabeth, Valmet engages Karen in close quarters combat with Lehm and Jonah taking on the surviving Daxinghai contractors. Valmet eventually gains the upper hand, seeing Karen as a reminder of herself when she had been severely wounded in Afica as a UN peacekeeper. Lehm intervened to stop Valmet from further harming Karen because they are not alley thugs. Eventually, Lehm and the group were able to secure Dr. Miami as she was catching butterflies. Furious that his Daxinghai contractors were defeated by Koko's team, Chen orders the assassination of Koko and Ugo in Port Elizabeth but Scarecrow's assistant Schokolade manages to persuade her boss to help them escape on a SuperHind Mk. V chopper after Koko talked to her. Koko and the team eventually arrives at Heathrow airport in London, but not before having a minor problem with an airport security metal detector when Jonah insist to the guard that he had been shot in the butt a long time ago.

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  1. sapulha

    May 25th, 2012

    Its so fun when they all fall out because of something absurd……hauhauauhuhau. Jonah is the best

  2. Detrahere

    Jan 18th, 2014


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