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"Mondo Grosso"

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Episode Summary: Jonah battles Lutz in a game of paintball which he easily beats the latter. With tension rising between Middle Eastern Country A and European Country B, Koko attends Country B's Embassy in London where a contract bid is being held to decide which UAVs their country's military will buy; HCLI's American Predators or Euro Group's French Neurons. However, Amalia Tolokhovsky, a former actress and arms dealer for Euro Group, gets a head start on Koko when she manages to convince almost all of Country B's delegates to side with Euro Group including having a tabloid newspaper expose the Predators being sold by Koko are used ones from Italy. Furious, Koko later meets with Schokolade and ask her to deliver some documents to her friends in the German military. With Koko doing nothing for two days Amalia and Euro Group, who have tapped Koko's phone and computer, believe they have won until they learn news that both the German and Spanish military have decided to buy HCLI's Predators. This convinces Country B to follow suit. Meanwhile, Koko has has formed a front company that is purchasing Euro Group stock as part of a hostile takeover. Realizing Koko has played them Amalia has a secret meeting with her, unaware that Euro Group mercenary snipers have followed them and are planning to kill Koko. After talking about the similarities and differences between them, Amalia concedes defeat over the contract bid while Koko agrees to sell back Euro Group stocks to her at a five percent premium -- but not before Lutz, Wiley and Valmet non-lethally neutralize the mercenary snipers.

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