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"Dragon Shooter phase.1"

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Episode Summary: After the team has some R & R at the beach near the Adriatic Sea, HCLI assigns Koko and her team to deliver artillery to the T Republic army at the Balkans. Much to her annoyance, she is also tasked to sneak in ten doctor from the humanitarian organization, Outspoken Doctors for Human Rights, lead by Dr Leon Riviere. Riviere wants to treat the country's ethnic cleansing victims and expose the crimes of Serbian war criminal Dragan Nicolaevich, leader of the Balkan Dragons militia who has a strong influence over the nation's army due to his connections. The team's An-12 cargo airplane arrives at their location and delivers the artillery to the army without problems. However Dragan and his militia arrives, tipped off about the doctors and demands Koko to give them up. Koko refuses, leading to a stand off between the two sides. Hoping to settle things peacefully, Riviere comes out and tries to talk to Dragan. But Dragan shoots Riviere and tries to kill him until Lehm disarms Dragan. Left with no choice, Koko orders her team to kill the Balkan Dragons at Planina Airport.

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