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"The Snake that Admires the Heavens"

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Episode Summary: In Port Elizabeth, Dr. Minami has an encounter with Karen Low, and by learning that she is unemployed, she decides to hire her as a bodyguard. Some time later, the duo has a meeting with Koko's team at the Solomon Islands to oversee the launch of the final item of HCLI's satellite network designed to give the company and their affiliated arms dealers an upper hand against their opponents. On a later occasion, R has a meeting with George Black and informs him that Koko knows that Dominque's team was hired by the CIA. Black claims that it was not his doing as his true intention is to make of Koko a tool at the behest of the U.S. as part of his plan called "Operation Undershaft", which involves R's undercover assignment. Meanwhile Hex, the CIA Special Activities Division operative behind the assassination attempt in Egypt and an old enemy of Koko's, learns from a fellow CIA agent the details of Operation Undershaft and wonders how she can hit Koko where it hurts the most before killing her.

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