Junketsu no Maria Episode 8 English Subbed

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6 Responses to “Junketsu no Maria Episode 8”

  1. klamens

    Mar 1st, 2015

    fuck the church 100000000000

  2. wolfeboy

    Mar 1st, 2015

    Indeed fuck the church hope maria has a change of heart and just summons a dragon to turn the valleys in to a wasteland

  3. talo

    Mar 1st, 2015

    Burn the Witch!

  4. olympus

    Mar 2nd, 2015

    burn the homo church

  5. Tryhardrussian

    Feb 25th, 2016

    Honestly, why does every form of media represent christianity so poorly? That being said, catholicism is a weird form of it.

  6. Tryhardrussian

    Feb 25th, 2016

    Also, the catholic church essentially imposed their beliefs on everyone, and anyone who didn’t conform was labeled a heretic and/or excommunicated/killed. They came up with a bunch of bullcrap that no one could label as fake because only scholars and members of the church knew how to read and write. The sermons were also all in latin, a language no one understood. If I’m correct, the latin sermons were only absolved very recently. Overall, the catholic church has a weird and poor history, and I believe they are a part of the reason christianity has such a poor representation today.

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