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"Knock-on effect"

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Episode Summary: Shiro desperately tries to find a possible alibi in order to prove to Kuroh that he was not there during the time of the video. Meanwhile, Homra and Scepter 4 are able to close in on Shiro's whereabouts. Thanks to Kukuri, who is able to provide proof that Shiro was with her during the time of the shooting, Shiro and his friends prepare for the school festival. When he goes to his dorm and opens his closet, he is shocked to discover a bloody school uniform that matches the murderer's picture, which leads Shiro to rethink the whole situation. As he contemplates, Misaki and Rikio arrive at Ashinaka.

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  1. jacqy_rebecca

    Oct 25th, 2012

    your website is very helpful, thank you
    overslept because I was not watching the K-project
    once again thanks

  2. afik

    Oct 26th, 2012

    the best

  3. sao


    Oct 26th, 2012

    Shiro sounds like Italy from Hetalia…

  4. Vamp

    Oct 26th, 2012

    omg sao ur right xD lol

  5. nanakun

    Oct 27th, 2012

    thanks best anime :)

  6. MeitoWalker

    Nov 4th, 2012

    Sao-san, Shiro-tan is Italia Veneciano~
    They have the same voice actors just like Yatogami-tan and Sebastian Michaelis-tan~

  7. Anonymous

    Dec 22nd, 2012

    make an mp4 upload please!

  8. Puddke

    Nov 1st, 2013

    Am I the only one who noticed Neko saying, “I’m in heaven” while riding the vacuum?

  9. itadeiri

    Mar 3rd, 2014


  10. ElisetheWritingDesk

    May 19th, 2015

    @MeitoWalker: Well, it’s true that Shiro and Italy have the same seiyuu, which is Daisuke Namikawa, but not the same with Yatogami and Sebastian, which is Daisuke Ono

  11. sunny

    Sep 25th, 2016

    I like this!!!

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