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Episode Summary: Shiro, Neko and Kuroh head to the city to buy more fireworks for the festival. Meanwhile Seri and Saruhiko arrive at Ashinaka and order the principal to give them all their information on Shiro, unaware he had just left. While Saruhiko illegally accesses the student council's computer to find Shiro in the student database, Misaki and Rikio ask the students for information about Shiro but due to their looks and Misaki's temper, they only scare them. Saruhiko soon encounters Misaki and Rikio, where he mocks and insults his former friends which angers Misaki to fight him. The fight is soon stopped by Seri, who orders Saruhiko to return to Scepter 4 as the school database has no record of Shiro being a student at Ashinaka. When Misaki asks a female student about Shiro before leaving, the student, Kukuri, tells him she has no idea who Shiro is.

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    This anime is one of the best I’ve seen

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    i love this anime

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    lol awsome…

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