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Episode Summary: Scepter 4 has finally tracked down Shiro as they prepare to arrest him. Neko creates an illusion in order for Shiro to escape, but is easily thwarted by Reisi who reveals that Neko has the power to manipulate people's minds including giving them false memories. While Kuro fights Reisi, Neko escapes with Shiro. As Kuro is nearly defeated by Reisi, an illusion of Shiro by Neko appears, distracting Scepter 4 which allows Kuro to escape. As the three of them finally escape, Shiro convinces Neko to retrieve his lost memories to find out the truth.

9 Responses to “K Episode 7”

  1. sao


    Nov 16th, 2012

    I am soooooo confused right now……

  2. Aphexyo

    Nov 16th, 2012

    I understand now…

  3. BitNdragon

    Nov 16th, 2012

    what a dick. who just kicks someone out of a blimp lol

  4. Chillicubes


    Nov 17th, 2012

    This Anime is really interesting, the storyline is full of mystery making the viewers become more curious. It may be confusing but this anime is awesome.

  5. tommyvanush

    Mar 15th, 2013

    This anime is one of the best I’ve seen

  6. itadeiri

    Mar 3rd, 2014


  7. Jelly99

    Apr 19th, 2014

    I’m confused… But still I understand… What the heck? XD

  8. Chibi

    Apr 20th, 2014

    so wat heck is goin on????

  9. DrSexyMD


    Jun 21st, 2014

    How are you people confused, this is really easy to understand. This anime (so far) is okay. I hated it at the beginning because basically every character irritates me (well, mainly Kuro, the MC, and the cat girl) but it’s kind of interesting and I like it more now. I hope it gets a lot better though because this show looked really good and so far it’s kind of disappointing me.

    [episode spoilers] I did like how Neko had actually taken his memory away; that was an interesting twist. Too bad he didn’t have it anyway because he fell from a blimp!

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