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Episode Summary: The light music club starts their senior year at high school. Yui, Mio, Ritsu, and Tsumugi, along with Nodoka, are all surprised that they have been put into the same homeroom class together. It soon becomes apparent that their new homeroom teacher, none other than Sawako, had arranged it that way so she had fewer names to remember. With Azusa being in only her junior year of the light music club, the gang become determined to get new members so that she will not be the sole member when they graduate. However, their various attempts to attract new students fail, so they focus instead on their performance for the freshman reception. Azusa becomes depressed that no new members show up afterward, but after talking with Ui and Jun and overhearing Yui's comments, she decides it is fine with just the five of them for now.

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    Man i really like the way they put the characters at the ending! and that ending song was amazing!

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