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"Summer Training!"
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Episode Summary: Unable to get Mio to hang out with her, Ritsu runs into Tsumugi who decides to hang out with her. They go to an arcade and then to a candy store, where Tsumugi is fascinated by all the cheap items. Meanwhile, Yui has Nodoka over to help with her homework, and gets upset when she eats the strawberry off her cake. Later, Tsumugi asks Ritsu to hit her, wanting the same bond she has with Mio, but Ritsu cannot bring herself to do it. As a compromise, Ritsu attempts to train Tsumugi to be dopey enough that Mio would hit her instead, but to no avail. Hoping to make an opportunity, Tsumugi eats the strawberry off Mio's cake, but this just makes her cry. Having given up when a direct request to Mio also fails, Tsumugi finally gets hit when she implies Ritsu would be popular with the girls if she was a boy.

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