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"Sakura's Love is the Indies"
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Episode Summary: Sakura is an avid fan of the indie rock band UxMishi, and is in love with the vocalist, Kuuga. Sakura invites Misaki and Shizuko to a tea party that the band are hosting, where the Idiot Trio also happen to work as part-time waiters. During the meeting, Kuuga starts to take an interest in Misaki and ignores Sakura. When Misaki visits the bathroom, Kuuga and his bandmate Kou follow her and attempt to flirt. He tells Misaki that he doesn't have feelings for Sakura and the party invitation was just a fan service. Despite Kou telling him to stop, Kuuga continues to hit on Misaki until Takumi (disguised as a waiter) stops him. Misaki, unsure on how to deal with the situation, and Takumi gives her some advice. Back at the table, Kuuga continues to hit on Misaki, and hurts Sakura's feelings. Getting no response from Misaki, his flirts start to become insults and Sakura tells him to stop. Misaki loses her temper and grabs him by the necktie, telling him that she won't entrust Sakura to someone like him. After leaving the cafe, Shizuko reprimands Misaki for making a scene at the cafe; and Sakura for not being careful about her choice in boys. Sakura is comforted by Misaki with a pat on the head and Misaki hopes that one day Sakura will find someone who will truly love her.

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  1. SugoiSan

    Aug 8th, 2012

    Why am I watching a girl anime?

  2. LonelyWolf


    Mar 19th, 2013


  3. chempe

    May 13th, 2013

    yeah, its shoujo genre, im man. but looking for good story, not mean im girl.

  4. ajr

    Aug 30th, 2013

    Cuz its a good anime

  5. Gintoki sakata

    Mar 9th, 2014

    I was watching gintama then dragon ball z then gantz….how the hell did I end up here?!XD (´・Д・)」

  6. betterexs

    Nov 24th, 2014

    Yeah it wuz great

  7. Uey-sama

    Feb 10th, 2015

    At the end of the ending song it looks like they are secretly kissing. Anyone else see that happenin?

    ~~~ ╔͎═͓═͙╗
    ~~~ ̨ͨ╚̨̈́═̈́﴾ ̥̮̂ ˖̫˖̥̮  ̂ )

  8. abby

    Mar 2nd, 2015

    this episode could be more longer because it shouldn’t be the one when that one guy who looks like a girl like Misa-chan there should be a person who likes not Misa-chan but sakura or shiuko. That’s all I wanted to say bye

  9. abby

    Mar 2nd, 2015

    I see it at the end :|

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