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"Still a Maid even in the Sports Festival"
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Episode Summary: At the Seika High Sports Festival, Misaki participates and wins every event to secure the prizes for the girls' team. At the obstacle race, where the first prize is a kiss from an unwilling Sakura, Misaki takes the lead until one of the boys tries to push her into the pool to disqualify her. Takumi saves her from falling and wins the race, but decides to reject the prize, so Misaki wins as the runner-up instead. Later on, Misaki enters the costume race on behalf of Shizuko. Inside the changing tent, she is shocked to discover she has to wear a maid costume but accidentally switches it with Yukimura's. Yukimura is jeered by the boys for wearing the maid costume, which upsets Misaki. However Takumi explains that because Yukimura is putting so much effort into the event, the others tease him because they can and Misaki resolves to help him. Therefore Takumi and Misaki put together some cool costumes to wear and defend Yukimura, then finish the race with him. Yukimura enjoys himself, and Misaki is inspired to make the day even better next year.

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