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"Idiot, Delinquent, and Hero"
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Episode Summary: Gouki Aratake, the strongest delinquent in Seisen Middle School, wants to be like his revered senpai, the former gang leader "Shiroyan"(White Devil) - but he and his gang think "Shiroyan" (Naoya Shirakawa of the Idiot Trio) has gone soft. Aratake wants the old Naoya back, so he abducts a cross-dressing Yukimura, who they mistake for Naoya's girlfriend. Misaki, Takumi, the Idiot Trio and Aoi (who studies at Seisen) go to rescue him. After changing into disguises, and a few interruptions by their friends, they sneak into Aratake's hideout and find him arguing with one of his friends over Naoya. A fight erupts between Naoya and Aratake, which Naoya wins. A crying Aratake admits he only wanted to be strong like Naoya, who gives him some words of encouragement. With the ordeal over, the Idiot Trio introduce Misaki to the gang as their “Chief Maid President,” a more fearsome gangster than them, much to her horror. Amidst the chaos, everyone forgets about poor Yukimura.

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