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"Class 1-7 Soutarou Kanou"
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Episode Summary: The Student Council plans to hold an open house at Seika High to attract more girls to enroll there. A girl-hating freshman named Soutarou Kanou is against it, and tries to derail their work by hypnotizing people, but he is stopped by Takumi, who is immune to his abilities. To get revenge on Takumi, he hypnotizes Misaki to hate Takumi forever if she falls asleep within 24 hours. Misaki stays up all night with Takumi's help, but Kanou manages to hypnotize Yukimura into give her a sleep-inducing painkiller, making her extremely sleepy. With five minutes left before the time limit, she slowly dozes off and asks Takumi if she'll remember the feelings of gratitude she has towards him and hopes she'll get the chance to thank him properly. Takumi hugs her, promising that he'll save her as much as she wants and will make her fall for him all over again.

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