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"Re-Paired in the Footman Audition"
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Episode Summary: In the second round of the footman auditions, Takumi and Misaki succeed in the required task of setting up a high class table for afternoon tea. Takumi also has to contend with Yukimura's curiosity by assuming a false identity and referring to Misaki as a boy. Before the third round begins, Misaki falls from the high stage and Takumi breaks her fall. Takumi is injured, but tries to hide it, so Misaki decides to do all of the tasks in the third round to conceal it. This raises Maki's suspicions, but Takumi tries to cover it up by playing the violin. Misaki, seeing Takumi secretly in pain, begs him to stop and lectures Maki on the importance of helping colleagues. Moved by her speech, Maki decides to call off buying Maid Latte and move his butler cafe elsewhere. Misaki visits Takumi's apartment to take care of him, and is surprised to find him living alone in a luxurious apartment. She apologizes for being so dependent on him, but he confesses that he has also become dependent on her, and embarrasses her with a hug.

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