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"Usui's Rival? Hinata Shintani"
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Episode Summary: Misaki orders the sports clubs to clean up their filthy club rooms. They initially refuse, but agree after Yukimura tells them food will be provided by the Student Council. After the Student Council finish making rice balls, the famished sports club members barge in to eat, but discard and unknowingly badmouth Misaki's terrible rice balls. Angered by this, Misaki chases the sports club members out of the room. Takumi later visits the sleeping Misaki, hugs her and praises her hard work. Kanou overhears and wonders why Misaki and Takumi won’t admit their feelings for each other. Meanwhile, a transfer student named Hinata Shintani arrives. He irks Misaki with his childish behavior and gluttony for food, but the male students admire his child-like innocence and ability to accurately guess food by smell. Hinata reveals that he used to live in the area and has returned to find his first love: “Misa-chan”. Upon hearing this, Misaki realizes that Hinata is her chubby childhood friend “You-kun”. Misaki later blurts out Hinata’s nickname when he falls from a tree, and Hinata realizes who she is and hugs Misaki, to the shock of everyone around them - including the annoyed Takumi.

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