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"Outdoor School Tag Game"
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Episode Summary: It's the Seika High Outdoor field trip, and the students have to endure a hard life of Enlightenment at a Buddhist temple for five days and four nights. Misaki has to deal with the girls' interest in her relationship with Hinata, as well as both Hinata and Takumi vying for her attention. Misaki accidentally gets trapped with Hinata, and he confesses to her and asks her to see him as a man. Takumi overhears and interrupts before Misaki can respond. On the fourth day of the trip, the boys lose their sanity due to the grueling activities and start lusting after the girls. As the girls brace themselves in their cabin, Misaki goes out to stop the boys and drives them back with the help of Hinata and Takumi. Later, Takumi confronts Misaki about her feelings for Hinata, and she explains that she only sees him as a childhood friend. Relieved with her answer, Takumi faints on top of her from hunger.

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