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"Latte Magic Mellow Mellowing ♥"
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Episode Summary: The rivalry between Hinata and Takumi gets more tense and Misaki throws both of them out of the student council room for quarreling. Misaki’s mother meets Hinata, and he accompanies her home where he explains to Misaki that he’s trying to find the cherry tree where they used to play. At Maid Latte the next day, the maids are cosplaying characters from the anime “Maid Witches” and Misaki is acting a little nervous around Takumi. Hinata arrives and the jealous tension between him and Takumi escalates to a point that Takumi decides to leave. Hinata asks Misaki to “cast a spell” on him so that he can find the cherry tree. After her shift, Aoi asks Misaki to explain her relationship with Takumi. She ponders her answer while taking out the trash and finds Takumi waiting for her - also wanting to know the same answer. To hide her embarrassment, Misaki throws a punch at Takumi, but he blocks it and tells her that he'll make his feelings clear instead. He does so by pulling her into an embrace and murmuring a 'no-lying' spell in her ear, demanding she answer his question truthfully. She answers somewhat off topic, but stops resisting his hug. Meanwhile, Hinata finds the cherry tree and convinces himself that his meeting with Misaki was fated.

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