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"Hinata, Misaki, and Usui"
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Episode Summary: Hinata reminiscences about his past and, despite being popular with the girls in middle school, he continues to think about Misaki. Sakura invites Misaki and Shizuko to Yumesaki's Culture Festival where UxMishi are playing a concert, assuring Misaki that Kuuga has changed for the better. Takumi also gets invited after “begging” Misaki to let him come. At Maid Latte, the café hosts a Fortune Telling Day. As the fortune teller, Erika tells Hinata and Takumi that their relationship with Misaki is “flat as a paper balloon” and “incompatible like fire and water” respectively. Takumi waits for Misaki to finish her shift and appears depressed about the fortune, provoking Misaki to emotionally ask if he's going to give up on her over of a fortune - and causing her to blush. Hinata overhears and is annoyed. The next day, Hinata helps Misaki clean the school and ends up getting them both wet. With her clothes wet and revealing, Takumi covers her with his shirt and accompanies her to get changed. Hinata cries after he realizes what his friends from middle school were warning him about — that Misaki may already be in love with someone else. Later, at the Yumesaki Festival, Misaki and Takumi get separated from Sakura and Shizuko in the crowd of UxMishi fans. With no way of reuniting with them, Takumi suggests they enjoy the festival together instead.

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