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"What Color is Misaki? Natural Color?"
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Episode Summary: Maid Latte decides to host a "Little Sister's Day" where the maids dress up and act as little sisters to their customers. Misaki has trouble acting the part, since she has no experience being a younger sister, and her own little sister is not a perfect example either. Her boss, Satsuki, decides Misaki can skip the event by changing shifts, but her co-worker, Honoka, accuses Satsuki of favoritism and Misaki of not taking it seriously, convincing Misaki to do some research and practice. When "Little Sister's Day" arrives, Misaki perfects the act of a little sister and awes the customers, at least until Takumi arrives. His constant teasing and asking for the impossible causes Misaki to lose her temper, but when he goes to leave, Misaki (still in character) begs him not to go, causing everyone in Maid Latte to be attracted to her moeness. Later at school, as Takumi rejects another confession from a girl, he witnesses Misaki rescuing a student from a falling ladder. Noticing she was injured by the ladder, he convinces her to have it bandaged in the infirmary. Later, Maid Latte is hosting a "Maid Rangers day" and Misaki vents her anger on the Idiot Trio dressed up as the White Maid Ranger - the color of white being suggested for Misaki by Takumi due to her refusal to be influenced by others.

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