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"Net Idol Aoi"
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Episode Summary: Maid Latte is visited by Aoi, a famous net idol who is also Satsuki's niece. Aoi decides to stay with Satuski for a while due to a fight with her father, and is excited to wear the café's uniform, much to Satsuki's dismay. Meanwhile, the café chef is unable to work and so Takumi volunteers to help and impresses the ladies with his own slightly modified version of Omelet Rice. Aoi finds Takumi attractive but he repeatedly ignores her advances. She is so persistent that Takumi pushes her down on the locker room floor just as Misaki arrives to push him away and slaps Aoi for repeatedly trying to get his attention. It is then revealed that Aoi is, in fact a crossing-dressing boy, something Satsuki knew all along and which both Takumi and Misaki discovered right from the start earlier. Aoi reveals he ran away because his classmates made fun of him for liking cute girlish things, and his father didn't like him cross-dressing. Misaki and Takumi convince Aoi to go back home, but not before Aoi promises to make them all fall for him. Later, Aoi returns to Maid Latte and criticizes Misaki for not wearing girlish clothes but Misaki counters his argument by pointing out how a cross-dressing boy like him should be wearing manly clothes. They end up agreeing that they should both just be themselves. Regardless, Aoi sends Misaki a cute dress, much to her embarrassment.

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