Kaichou wa Maid-sama! Episode 5 English Subbed

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"First Time Minding the Shop"

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Episode Summary: Satsuki warns Misaki about a group of stalkers targeting cosplay cafés, but Misaki doesn't take it seriously, not even when Takumi pretends to stalk her and gives her a scare. One night, Misaki is caught by the stalkers - who were also patrons - as she is closing the café by herself and taken upstairs to be restrained with handcuffs and tape over her mouth. Takumi hears the commotion inside Maid Latte and is about to kick in the window to rescue Misaki, but just as he's about to make his move, Misaki breaks the chain on the handcuffs and proceeds to pound them using her Aikido, shattering the impression they had of her being a submissive girl. Days later, Aoi returns to Maid Latte to give everyone (including Takumi) a cellphone photo of Misaki wearing the dress he made, much to Misaki's horror.

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  1. J

    Aug 2nd, 2014

    Usui has a funny way to laugh :v lol

  2. Khayjeet

    Jan 16th, 2016

    Japan sure is full of creeps.

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