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"Men and the Ayuzawa Cram School"
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Episode Summary: Misaki has acquired a group of fans at school, the Inuyama quintuplet brothers. While the boys are good-natured, they want to know everything about her, and this could reveal her secret part-time job. She manages to dodge them, mostly with Takumi's help, but she is torn between telling them the truth and risking the good image they have of her. She and Takumi have an argument on the school rooftop and Takumi accidentally drops a photo of her wearing her maid uniform in the direction of the Inuyama brothers. As she freaks out, Takumi assures her he will get it back, but not before stealing her first kiss. He jumps from the roof and grabs the photo while falling into the school pool. A relieved Misaki calls him an idiot for making her worry. The brothers hear the commotion at the pool, but thanks to Takumi's acting, the brothers think Misaki is Takumi's bodyguard. He convinces them not to follow Misaki anymore, thus keeping her secret safe. At the hospital, Misaki visits Takumi but leaves in disgust when he asks her to nurse him in her maid outfit.

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