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"A Maid, as Far as Momotarō Goes"
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Episode Summary: Takumi narrates his version of Momotarō with Misaki as the titular character, Sakura and Yukimura as her guardians and Momotarō's animal companions played by the Idiot Trio. Misaki is on a quest to rescue women captured by a demon and taken to Onigashima island. On her journey, she saves the Idiot Trio from getting eaten by their Ringmaster (Usui) after the animals tell her the village where the demon been recently seen. Forming a group, they arrived at Seika Village, which is now a stinking wasteland filled with men driven to madness without women and with no one left to do the household chores. Obtaining the directions to Onigashima, the group crosses the ocean and encounter the Princess of the Sea and a Turtle (Suzuna/Aoi) and the Pirate ship Miyabigaoka led by Tora, which Takumi destroys with a rocket launcher. When they finally arrive at the island, the Idiots and Misaki sneak into the Demon's lair and find the Seika women living happily in a grand palace. Misaki is shocked to learn that Takumi is in fact the Demon; and that he never kidnapped the women, instead the women followed him to escape serving the selfish men in the village and took over his palace. The Narrator ends the story by claiming Misaki and Takumi became a couple despite Misaki protesting against the ending; and that the Idiot Trio die in unfortunate circumstances. In reality, the entire story is a dream Misaki is having whilst taking a nap in the Student Council room, due to Takumi playing her a recording of the story to send her subliminal messages.

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