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"Bonds of the Curse"
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Episode Summary: While the Magius initiate Amadeus, the Valvrave 01 faces off against the Valvrave 02 and becomes steadily overpowered in combat. Eventually Valvrave 02 rips through Valvrave 01's armor and exposes its engine, at which point the Prue and Pino AIs of both manifest. As Cain recognizes their importance, the Prue AI seemingly malfunctions causing Valvrave 02 to overload and prompting Cain to retreat along with his forces. Two months later, after Module 77 successfully arrives at the Moon, New JIOR starts receiving international support albeit carefully overseen by the ARUS government. Meanwhile, Haruto has L-elf and Takumi monitor his regression syndrome, much to Saki's disapproval. Later on, as Satomi, Takahi and L-elf prepare to be escorted to Earth by the Valvraves, L-elf confronts Haruto as his regression worsens and reveals the nature of the Valvrave power source—information particles called Runes, which are replenished every time Haruto's Kamitsuki feeds on a person. Resolving to bear the burden of the Valvraves on his own, Haruto makes a pact with L-elf to only feed on him. Finally, with the Valvraves replenished, they leave the Moon en route to Earth and while fighting off the Dorssian blockade, Haruto resolves to locate the Valvrave creators and learn how to revert to becoming human once more before destroying the Valvraves himself. In the epilogue, Amadeus meets with Cain and they oversee the construction of numerous reverse engineered Valvrave units.

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