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"Fists of the Moon"
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Episode Summary: After having crash landed on a remote part of the moon Haruto mourns Kyūma's death while L-elf tries and gives up on devising a plan. At the same time the Dorssians transport Module 77 to a Dorssian Dyson Sphere. Elsewhere, A-drei interrogates Saki on L-elf's betrayal and realizes that he was acting on their shared goal of revolutionizing the corrupted Dorssia. Meanwhile Haruto and L-elf start blaming each other for everything that had happened which quickly escalates into a physical confrontation. Meanwhile, Shōko decides to pilot the Valvrave 01 and protect the Sakimori students but finds it inoperable until presented with the start up question. The Pino AI then replays the video of Haruto first piloting Unit 01 and she breaks into tears after realizing that everything he did was for her. Back on the moon, Haruto reveals to a disbelieving L-elf that Lieselotte was a Magius, with the latter soon connecting the dots. After realizing that they have much yet to accomplish before they die, they put aside their differences and agree to build a unified world where everyone including humans and Kamitsuki can live in peace. They then manage to ignite a rescue flare using Haruto's Kamitsuki powers which draws a squadron of Dorssian mecha. Much to Haruto and L-elf's surprise however, Saki and the Valvrave 04 come to their rescue. At the same time, X-eins demands answers after A-drei releases Saki.

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  1. lurkingbad

    Dec 13th, 2013

    it turn out to be a peace or happy episode to me.. but based from my experience in this anime this would be a sign for another tragedy.. anyway i hope it will not turn that way.. :D

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