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"Liberation Towards Tomorrow"
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Episode Summary: The modified Valvrave 02 piloted by Cain destroys the Module 77 communications terminal and proceeds to clash with the Valvrave 01. As Unit 01 becomes overwhelmed by Unit 02's power, X-eins' Kirchbaum intercepts the duel to avenge H-neun. As the Magius also pass off the conference's events as an act to the world, A-drei's Kirchbaum finds himself blocked by a battle crazed Q-vier. When Unit 01 finds itself blasted straight into Module 77, X-eins mounts a failed suicide attack against Unit 02. In the midst of Haruto's Rune deprivation, L-elf shows up and they combine their skills against Cain by way of a possession. At the same time, A-drei kills Q-vier after failing to reason with him. As the Valvrave 01 and 02 head into space once more, Cain blames the Valvrave pilots for disrupting the Magius' attempt at world peace. Amidst the chaos, President Anderson also exposes the Magius to the world, sparking various Dorssian uprisings in favor of the Royalists. As Unit 02 pushes Unit 01 to its limit, Haruto calls upon the fighting spirit of his friends, amplifying Unit 01's power and brutally destroys Unit 02, killing Cain whilst also losing all of his memories in the process. In the aftermath, L-elf awakens in the cockpit and rushes to a weakened amnesiac Haruto. Realizing the steep cost of their victory, L-elf sheds tears for his friend before Haruto passes on. In the epilogue, humanity bands together to hunt down the remaining Magius while peace finally dawns on the new world order. Finally, as Saki and Akira conclude the origin story of the Third Galactic Empire to the Prince, Shōko meets two hostile alien lifeforms in the Memorial Core and offers them friendship—echoing what Haruto would have done.

14 Responses to “Kakumeiki Valvrave 2nd Season Episode 12”

  1. Sousuke


    Dec 27th, 2013

    the ending…a hero die.

  2. Sousuke

    Dec 27th, 2013

    Bad ending …

  3. animeloversp

    Dec 27th, 2013

    We all knew how this was going to end, but I would have expected more of a spectacle of Haruto’s death… wonder if L-elf told shoko that Haruto loved her. I sorta wanted her to be more heart broken, especially for some of the shit she pulled. I really wanted her to regret her last moments with Haruto, and his sacrifice. Overall it was a good series, ending good use some work, but it was a good wrap up

  4. gun

    Dec 27th, 2013

    could use more episode slots. i hope the mechs come out in srw series

  5. Regnier


    Dec 27th, 2013

    WHOSE KID IS THAT?!?!?!?!? lol thats all i have to say.. They really did not wrap this up too well.But the series was good.

  6. lurkingbad

    Dec 27th, 2013

    it ends.. though i didn’t like the ending, RIP Kakumeiki Valvare..

  7. wolfeboy

    Dec 27th, 2013

    the kid could belong to that chick that pilots the green valvrave since she got raped by haruto when he went berserk that’s what i think i could be wrond

  8. wolfeboy

    Dec 27th, 2013


  9. patusa

    Dec 27th, 2013

    mmm the ending was ok thou it left a very empty feeling hopfully the make a ova to patch up the holes

  10. Chuu

    Dec 27th, 2013


  11. kinneth

    Dec 27th, 2013

    too short part ending

  12. Elstender


    Dec 28th, 2013

    I think that Kid could be The son of Haruto since he raped The black haired girl ( forget her name )…..

  13. crnr


    Mar 10th, 2015

    few OVA’s should be able to patch up some unanswered questions but looking at how thing are going the chance of are that somewhat gone by now TT-TT

  14. Xcaslis

    Sep 16th, 2016

    Its definitely harutos kid cuz
    he rape rukino

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