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"A Father's Wish"
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Episode Summary: When the New JIORians learn of the Phantom ship's course to the Moon L-elf decides to use the location of an antique multistage rocket to return to space after rescuing some captive JIORian citizens in the nearby city of Dorssiana—including Haruto's father, Soichi Tokishima. The New JIORians later infiltrate the city to secure the rocket while Haruto, L-elf, Kyūma and Takumi rendezvous with Kriemhild's Royalist squad. However, when Kriemhild mentions a person called "Mikhail" L-elf acknowledges it to be his pre-Carlstein name and abandons the operation to search the city for Lieselotte. Moving ahead with the plan, Haruto and co. meet up with the captive JIORians who all turn out to be the scientists behind Project VVV, with Soichi himself at its head, much to Haruto's shock. Soichi explains that the project used JIOR military funding to create new lifeforms with the goal of transcending the human existence—using the genetically modified embryos of the Sakimori students. As Soichi begins to revel in the project's success, Haruto fails to reason with his father about the curse that their ability has become before punching him and adamantly stating his goal to destroy the Valvraves. Meanwhile, as Cain becomes aware of the New JIORians plans, L-elf manages to successfully break into Lieselotte's prison tower and asks to let herself be rescued.

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