Kakumeiki Valvrave 2nd Season Episode 7 English Subbed

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"Sadness is Like the Falling Snow"
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Episode Summary: L-elf declares his love for Lieselotte while Q-vier later intercepts their escape attempt. Cain also anticipates L-elf's plan of using the rocket and has his forces surround the hanger and destroy its runway. In the meantime, the Valvrave 01 interrupts L-elf and Q-vier's knife duel and L-elf has Haruto take Lieselotte while he works on keeping a step ahead of Cain. Afterwards, the Pino AI detects similarities with Lieselotte who admits her race as a Magius. Lieselette explains that the Magius crash landed on Earth a few centuries ago and began possessing Earth's lifeforms in order to survive. She continues that as time passed they created an organization called the Council of One Hundred and One to conceal their existence from humanity while securing Runes for their survival and shows Haruto a mark of her rejection to the Council, which constantly drains her of Runes. Afterwards, L-elf manages to make it to the drawbridge controls of a road to the east of the hangar and has the New JIORians use it as a runway for the rocket which then manages to take off despite one of the hydrogen tanks being ruptured by the Dorssian military. Lamenting her feelings for L-elf, Lieselotte uses the last of her Magius powers to seal the fuel tank before it separates and allows the rocket to safely gain enough thrust to achieve escape velocity—killing her in the process.

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  1. darren

    Nov 21st, 2013

    i feel sorry for L-elf

  2. lurkingbad

    Nov 21st, 2013

    yeah wonder what he gonna do next.. poor l-elf.. by the wy I just hope nothing bad happe to rukino uh-oh… this so intense!!

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