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"Out of Control"
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Episode Summary: Kūko, finding out that Hibino is held hostage inside a penthouse apartment room, knocks out Fujima and rescues her. However, when Hiroshima finds the two in the hallway, Kūko locks her in the stairwell, while she confronts Hiroshima by herself. Kūko shoots Hiroshima just in time Fujima wakes up, taking her with him to avoid trouble. Meanwhile at the stairwell, Mahiru, pondering why Kyōhei had given up his position as a Seki at the village long ago, is irritated when Hibino said that a power too strong will bring unhappiness. This makes Magatsuhi grab hold of Hibino and toss her into the air, but Kukuri manages to catch her and land the others down safely. Mahiru, so bent on having Kyōhei to herself, engages in battle again Utao. Kukuri manages to slice through Magatsuhi's control system, but this causes Magatsuhi to act on its own and capture Hibino, ignoring Mahiru's commands. Although Kukuri jams Magatsuhi into the rooftop antenna, this does not stop it from attacking recklessly. After Kōshirō fails to assist, Kirio charges Takemikazuchi toward Magatsuhi, but he accidentally stabs Kukuri instead, as it falls into the forest near the penthouse apartment. Kyōhei tries to pry open Magaysuhi's clutches to save Hibino, but he ends up being captured by Magatsuhi as well.

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