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"Kuga Kyohei, the Seki"
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Episode Summary: Kukuri reawakens under the control of Kyōhei after he was rendered unconscious from Magatsuhi. Kukuri mercilessly destroys Magatsuhi in retaliation. Kyōhei is taken to the hospital to be treated. Kirio and Mahiru run away from Kōshirō's sight, each having their concern for Kyōhei. On the hospital rooftop, Kyōhei blames himself for putting Hibino in danger because of his past with Aki and Mahiru. Hibino shares a kiss with him after saying that she would be happy to be a part of his life. Utao realizes that Kukuri is not responding to her anymore, so Moyako will need to take it back to the village to repair Kukuri. Aki appears on the balcony of the apartment and reconciles with Kyōhei before setting off again. Already knowing Kukuri was assigned previous Seki before her, Utao wonders if Kukuri will remember her after it chooses another Seki in the future. A scene shows Kyōhei utilizing the full power of Kukuri as he prepares to fight Amaterasu, which has now been regenerated after being buried under the Hyūga shrine.

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