Kamisama Hajimemashita Episode 11 English Subbed

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"The Familiar Goes To Town"

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Episode Summary: Mizuki went to town to search for Kurama. While in Tokyo he encounters two ladies selling stickers. He ended up buying one; wasting all his money. Kurama encounters Mizuki getting out of a taxi, and Mizuki starts to cry while hugging Kurama. Mizuki then asks him to lend some money to pay for the taxi. Then Kurama's manager—who was looking for Kurama—shows up. The manager ends up inviting Mizuki to a launch party. During the party, Kurama asks Mizuki, "What are you doing in the city?" and Mizuki returns the question back to Kurama. After, Kurama tells Mizuki to go back to the shrine and tells him, "This city is too big for you". Mizuki gets drunk during the party and a girl—who is mistreated by her employer—goes to help him. Mizuki asks the girl what she is doing in a place where she doesn't belong. The girl replies, "I love it here, I don't want to give up". Mizuki then comes to his senses again and gives the girl his sake, a wsake that will purify her and others. Meanwhile, Nanami is preparing for a date at the Ferris wheel with Tomoe because she thinks that he promised to go with her (but he never did). When she enters his room he's still not ready yet. Due to Nanami's anger she searched Tomoe's room for porn magazines but ends up finding an elegant and beautiful hair pin. She then asks Tomoe about the hairpin and its owner. Without answering, Tomoe snatches the hairpin out of Nanami's hands and agrees to go. During the date, Nanami keeps questioning Tomoe to whom the hairpin belonged, but Tomoe keeps on diverting the question. Nanami then remembers the scene with Yukiji and mistakenly thinks that the hairpin belonged to Yukiji. Due to some screaming people that Tomoe heard, Nanami (who was forced to ride on it) and Tomoe ride the roller coaster. When the ride was over Nanami's hair was all messed up and Tomoe asked if he can fix her hair. In her amazement she asked Tomoe how he managed to fix it in such a short time without any hairpins. Tomoe replied, "I just used 1 hairpin" and continued by saying, "It really suits you". After Nanami bought nuggets she saw Tomoe holding a girl, and due to a misunderstanding, she threw the nuggets at Tomoe then ran away. She ended up in the Ferris wheel alone, banging her head during the ride and blaming herself for being mad at Tomoe and wanting to ride the Ferris wheel together with him. Her hair then becomes undone and Nanami finally sees the hairpin that Tomoe was hiding from her. Tomoe found Nanami (who was still in the Ferris wheel) and told her, "You wanted to ride this ride, then smile". While looking at Tomoe's reflection on the window glass, Nanami thanked Tomoe.

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