Kamisama Hajimemashita Episode 2 English Subbed

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"God Becomes A Target"

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Episode Summary: Nanami wakes up in her room at the temple, and Tomoe explains everything about the temple. Nanami wants to go to school after seeing news about Kurama, an idol, attending her school. Tomoe does not want her to go, but later he allows her to go under the condition that she wears a hood in order to cover the deity mark on her forehead. After Nanami finds out that Kurama is a jerk, she does not like him anymore. Because of this, Kurama calls Nanami to the roof. The real reason he calls her is to try and eat her so that he becomes the Earth God, but Tomoe kicks him in the back causing a wound and saves Nanami by turning Kuruma into an ostrich. Tomoe wants to cook Kurama with his fox flame. Instead, Kuruma is saved by Nanami and she finds out his true identity: a crow tengu. After she finds out, she orders Tomoe to turn him back to normal. Then Nanami sees his wound and tries to clean it but he tells her to leave it alone, so she grabs his face telling him "I don't like you, but plenty girls out there do, so you wanna look your best for those girls don't you?" So Kurama looks at her and starts to blush and allows her to clean his wound.

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