Kamisama Hajimemashita Episode 3 English Subbed

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"God Ties The Knot"

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Episode Summary: Imperial Priestess of Lake, Isara, who is a catfish, comes to pay respect to Nanami, but Tomoe does not allow Nanami to meet with Isara. He then has an argument with the familiar of Priestess of Lake about Nanami. Nanami comes out and stops the fighting using force through the power of words, which is the power of Earth God. The reason of the Priestess coming to visit is to tie her fate to a human boy, Urashima Kotarou, who she met ten years ago at Lake Isara; Nanami promises to help. The next day, Nanami goes to town to look for Kotarou, but Tomoe fears that she will leave like Mikage did. He decides to go with her to town. They find Kotarou at a restaurant. Nanami persuades him to meet the Priestess, and he agrees. They meet at the park and do well at first, but the Priestess is surrounded by bad guys later while Kotarou is gone. Nanami helps him by pushing through the tree with a talisman to save the Priestess.

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