Kamisama Hajimemashita Episode 5 English Subbed

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"God Loses Her House"

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Episode Summary: Narukami, god of thunder, has always wanted Tomoe as her familiar. Now that the god he serves is Nanami, a human girl, Narukami sees her chance to take away Nanami's godhood and make Tomoe hers. She tracks Nanami to her school where she steals Nanami's God mark and transforms Tomoe into a child. Withoutout Tomoe at the shrine to take care of it, the shrine promptly falls to pieces which disgusts Narukami. Nanami, who made Narukami promise that if Nanami found Tomoe Narukami would release him to her and return her God mark, returns Tomoe back to his rightful size at the end of the episode. Once the God mark is returned and Tomoe is back to his adult self, he kisses her to re-seal the commitment of a familiar, in a sort of gratitude for her helping him. She had refused to leave his side when he was child-sized, even went so far to ask Kurama to help Tomoe.

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