Kamisama Hajimemashita Episode 6 English Subbed

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"God Catches A Cold"

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Episode Summary: Nanami stays home with a cold while Tomoe goes to school disguised as her in order to keep her attendance rate from slipping. Mizuki takes advantage of Tomoe's absence to pay Nanami a visit. While there Mizuki shows Nanami a peek of how Tomoe was in the past. Meanwhile, when Tomoe is at school Kurama decides to make a move on "Nanami". One of his tries was speaking in English in her/his place when the teacher called her/him, but Nanami/Tomoe did not appreciate it at all.

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  1. Sumimansen

    Nov 7th, 2012

    omg xDDD whats that ?? i were laughing all the time while he was reading the english sentence xDD

  2. ritsu


    Nov 29th, 2012

    lol it was english.i thought he was reading it in french XD

  3. Tomoe

    Mar 14th, 2013

    <3 this show

  4. fallenone

    Mar 19th, 2013


  5. andriceia

    May 11th, 2013

    this is a great show I love it

  6. lala

    Jun 17th, 2013

    i want it

  7. Suitai

    Jun 29th, 2013

    awesome anime,wish it never would have ended

  8. Ciana

    Jul 21st, 2013

    awesome anime :D

  9. Haldiran

    Nov 28th, 2013

    cant wait to see the finale!

  10. Rumi

    Jan 6th, 2014

    One f the best anime I’ve ever watched!! :D

  11. Forevertoby

    Jan 21st, 2014

    Still reading the manga

  12. Jelly99

    Jun 23rd, 2014

    BWAHAHAHHAHA, I laughed so much when he read the english XD

  13. kirtika

    Sep 13th, 2016

    Best anime

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