Kamisama Hajimemashita Episode 9 English Subbed

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"God Goes To The Palace Of The Dragon King"

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Episode Summary: Nanami and Mizuki travel back in time to get the eye that Tomoe stole from the Dragon King. They discover that the eye that Tomoe stole was used as a medicine to help Yukiji, Tomoe's past girlfriend. Seeing Tomoe with Yukiji, Nanami feels confused and stunned to see Tomoe in love with another person. When Nanami and Mizuki go back to the present without the eye of the Dragon King, they visit Isohime, a yokai, to retrieve the eye within Nanami's body with a consequence of 30 years off Nanami's life. But Isohime doesn't just want 30 years of Nanami's life: she also wants her god's mark. Whilst recovering the eye, Mizuki kisses Nanami to save her from Isohime and to be her familiar while she was unconscious. Finally having retrieved the eye, they both head down to the Dragon King's kingdom. To their surprise, Tomoe breaks out to fight the Dragon King. Nanami stops the fight and confesses to Tomoe that she doesn't care if he is still in love with Yukiji: she will never stop loving him.

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  1. AzaelAkai


    Nov 28th, 2012

    Best episode… loved it xD

  2. dafoolyOne

    Nov 28th, 2012

    this was my fav episode so far cant wait to see more

  3. ritsu


    Dec 6th, 2012

    kawaii!!! XD

  4. fallenone

    Mar 19th, 2013


  5. Suitai

    Jul 4th, 2013

    great anime

  6. Jelly99

    Jun 24th, 2014

    Wait! So Nanami is Mizukis master too now? XD

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