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"Destiny: The Chosen Ones"

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Episode Summary: Natsuru Senō wakes up to discover one morning that he has transformed into a woman, upon which a stuffed animal tiger, Disemboweled Tiger, who introduces itself as a messenger, tells him that he has become a Kämpfer, which must do battle with other Kämpfer; since Kämpfer must be female, Natsuru transforms into a female version of himself. The next morning he is attacked by another Kämpfer named Akane Mishima wielding a sidearm. Natsuru protects his friend Kaede Sakura from Akane's attack, before saving Akane from a falling lamppost. Natsuru is approached the following day by a shy girl who reveals herself to be Akane, who is completely different in appearance and personality when in Kämpfer form. Akane tells Natsuru as much as she knows about the Kämpfer, even helping him when he transforms. Apparently, they are allies due to their bracelets being the same color, blue, hence they become known as Blue Kämpfer and that their enemies are the Red Kämpfer, who have red bracelets, accordingly. At the end of the day, Kaede tells Natsuru that she has fallen for his Kämpfer form. The next day, when he goes to Akane for advice, they are attacked by another hidden Kämpfer while in the school library. When Kaede suddenly appears in the wreckage, Akane assumes she is the enemy and shoots her gun at her.

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    A guy who turns into a magical girl huh? :/

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    a magical bracelet that gives/forces an instant gender swap.

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    i love you kampfer

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