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"Her Declaration of War: The Fighting Maidens"

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Episode Summary: As the cultural festival comes up, Natsuru is shocked to find that Shizuku has entered him into the Miss Seitetsu beauty contest. Natsuru gives Shizuku a shoulder massage in order to be replaced, but after Akane bursts firing her gun, the deal falls apart and Natsuru is still forced to compete. Deciding to go with a karaoke act, he (in Kämpfer form) and Akane go shopping for lingerie, though it gets out of hand when Shizuku decides to help out too. Kaede later joins them at the karaoke bar, where she, Akane and Shizuku compete for the chance to sing a duet with Natsuru. Kaede tries to force an answer to her confession from Natsuru, but he is unable to reply due to nearly transforming again (back to male form). Akane argues with Kaede for trying to confess behind her back, and both of them, as well as Shizuku, decide to enter the beauty contest too, much to the shock and chagrin of Natsuru.

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